Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

All projects will be subject to the terms and conditions stated below unless agreed in advance in writing.
EV Charge Points

Our standard installation fee is based on guidelines provided by the manufacturers. The following assumptions are made

  • You existing installation does not require any upgrading work
  • Your meter and main fuse are in close proximity.
  • Your premises has a 100A main incoming fuse.
  • Your Consumer Unit has or is capable of being upgraded to include a type A RCD and a Surge Protection Device SPD.
  • Your Wi-Fi network has a sufficiently strong signal at the location of the charge point.

We will perform the following as part of a Standard Install

  • Install up to 10m of suitable cable, this will either be what is known as HiTuff which offers 3 layers of insulation and combines a data cable to allow for connection of the CT clamp(s), or if the cable is intended to be buried a Steel Wire Armoured SWA version of the cable
  • Supply a suitable MCB or RCBO device to provide a dedicated circuit
  • We will run the cable out through a single hole from your consumer unit at low level along a brick wall surface clipped
  • We will mount the charger and holster if supplied on to a flat brick wall
  • We will connect the CT clamp to your incoming supply and EV charger to allow for monitoring of the total load
  • We will carry out BS7671 Electrical testing and EV functional testing
  • We will assist you to download and setup the App
  • We will register the installation with building control and the local DNO and provide an electrical installation certificate

Common Additional Costs

  • Upgrades from type AC to type A RCDs are an additional cost which will be itemised in your estimate & invoice (RCBO’s can only be fitted if the layout of the Consumer Unit is suitable)
  • Complicated routes from Consumer Unit to EV charge point can incur additional costs
  • Surge Protection Devices can be installed at additional cost
  • Where there is no available capacity, we can install an additional mini–Consumer Unit which will include RCD & SPD. This will be itemised in your estimate & invoice

We do not dig trenches to bury cables, if this is required it should be arranged and costed separately.

We do not lift floorboards to route cables, if this is required it should be arranged and costed separately.

  • Accessories such as sockets or light switches are assumed to be white plastic faced unless specified to be of a particular style.
  • Any socket outlets are assumed to be double gang unless specifically requested otherwise
  • Decorative accessories will incur additional costs.
  • Supplied accessories will only ever be of a quality brand, 1st choice will be MK . We will of course attempt to match your existing where possible.
  • We can fit accessories sourced by the client, however these should be checked for damage and MUST conform to current British standards.
  • For new installations we will use current standards for socket and switch heights 450mm for sockets and 1200mm for switches, we will however when requested match existing and modify heights to allow for improved access for wheelchair users
  • Costs are based on a single pendant light fitting per room unless otherwise specified.
  • Clients are encouraged to consider LED lighting where possible.
  • All lights fitted are assumed to be non-dimmable unless otherwise specified.
  • Dimmable LED lighting requires specific types of dimmer switches, existing dimmers unless recently installed are unlikely to be compatible.
  • We can fit decorative light fittings sourced by the client, however these should be checked for damage and MUST conform to current British standards.
  • All downlights supplied will be fire rated LED models, white is assumed however other options are available and can be specified, we can provide samples for approval.
  • Client supplied fittings should also come with the necessary lamps unless otherwise specified.
  • We can offer a choice of wire free (and battery free) light switching which can avoid damage to wall decorations.
Smart Home Devices
  • We are happy to install and commission your smart home components either supplied by us or sourced by you, however we do not offer ongoing support for the operation of the devices, although we are always happy to provide advice.
  • Smart home devices can in some cases open up your home internet to attempted intrusions, we can install and configure to the manufacturers specification, but we cannot be held liable for any subsequent issues caused by outside actors.
Bathrooms & Wet rooms
  • Bathrooms, wet rooms and similar spaces are considered to be special locations. Special Locations are locations or installations where there is an increased risk of receiving an electric shock. There are specific guidelines which dictate what we can and cannot fit in these locations, we can guide you in order to achieve safe requirements.
  • We can not install or perform any remedial work on anything that is not compliant with the current regulations, in the case of an inspection this would constitute an unsatisfactory report
  • Depending on ceiling heights IP rated lighting may not be required, however we would always advise using IP rated fittings where possible to decrease the potential for premature corrosion caused by humidity.
  • Kitchen cabinet lighting will be low voltage LED strip tape and will require a voltage transformer fitted in a suitable location
  • Under cabinet lighting can be operated in conjunction with the main room lighting or operated independently as per your requirements.
  • Kitchen circuits are usually part of a ring circuit and it is assumed that the ring is intact and capable of allowing additional outlets if requested
  • Cooker & Hob circuits are almost always independent and depending on the original specification may not be capable of supporting new appliances where the wattage of the new appliance exceeds the original design, we can advise if this is the case before any work is started, if once tested we find that the circuits have been extended or modified reducing the capability of the circuit, this could result in additional cost.
  • To provide an additional outlet from a kitchen ring (a spur) , it is assumed the outlet to be used is part of the ring and not an existing spur, there are options if this is the case but these will have an associated additional cost
  • We can advise and install cctv systems, we have our preferred brands that are considered of a professional quality which we prefer to work with, however if you have a preference we can always look to include that in your installation, such systems may require additional time to configure and commission
  • CCTV systems which can be viewed while away from home can in some cases open up your home internet to attempted intrusions, we can install and configure to the manufacturers specification, but we cannot be held liable for any subsequent issues caused by outside actors.
What to expect
  • Carpeting or flooring : Every effort will be made to avoid damage and refit to an acceptable standard, however a professional may be required to refit.
  • Accessories : Removal of existing accessories either for replacement or inspection may result in minor damage to plaster or decorative wall finishes which may require correction by third parties not accounted for in our estimates.
  • If it is necessary to run cables in either stud partitions or solid walls there will be damage which is unavoidable, in stud walls we will attempt to cause as little damage as possible, solid walls will require to be chased and eventually re-plastered, unless previously agreed this is outside the scope of what we do. We will "make good" which in terms of a chased wall is a bonding coat of plaster to fill the gaps, on a stud wall we attempt to reinstate any sections that had to be removed, however we are not plasterers and in many cases will need to have a finishing coat applied by a professional.
  • If we have to drill brickwork there is a possibility of "blowing" the face of the external brick, this is unavoidable but we will attempt where possible to avoid this and or cover over any damage.
  • Any forms of drilling especially the chasing of a solid wall will create dust, we do what we can to minimise this , however we would urge clients to take their own precautions with moving or covering sensitive or valuable items, we will always tidy and clean up after completion of working, but it will be up to the client to ensure all surfaces etc are cleaned properly, we can organise additional help if required which would be costed separately.
  • Where access to lofts is required it is assumed there is sufficient access and the space has been cleared and not boarded otherwise this would involve additional time spent which would not have been taken into consideration in any estimates provided.
  • In any locations we will be working, it is expected that furniture will have been cleared beforehand to allow reasonable access for personnel and tools. Should any furniture require moving, no responsibility is accepted for damage and time incurred would not have been included in any estimates. Should it not be possible or practical to move furniture or obstructions for any reason then it may become necessary to postpone.
  • It is assumed for the purpose of any estimates that the existing installation has no existing faults that need to be rectified unless previously advised and agreed as part of the estimate. Any remedial work may incur additional costs for time and materials.
  • Parking costs where applicable will be added to the final invoice.
  • At various stages of any installation it will be necessary to turn off the power to one or more circuits, unless previously advised we will assume this will not cause any issues. We will not be responsible for inconsequential loss or damage as a result of disconnecting the power in order to undertake the required work. We will of course always seek approval before we do so.
  • Changes to the agreed project will be given consideration and where possible included into the project, however there may be a cost for additional time and materials.
  • A full working day unless requested otherwise would be from 08:00 to 16:00, alternative arrangements are possible and can be agreed before any work commences.
  • Estimates are exactly that, and while we will always attempt to stick to them , the cost of materials can change overnight, this will be identified on your invoice, the labour rate will always remain at the price provided on estimations.
  • Emergency work may consist of getting a site into safe temporary use,  until a further appointment can be made to provide a permanent solution
  • No deposits are required before work commences.
  • Estimates are valid for 30 days.
  • Payment is due upon satisfactory completion of any project.
  • Invoices are payable upon presentation.
  • Invoices not settled within thirty days may be subject to additional interest charges.
  • Certification for any electrical work will not be completed and/or provided until confirmation that the work has been completed as requested and that no modifications  are required.
  • Supplied materials remain the property of Fix Fit Test Electrical Ltd. until paid for in full.
  • Invoices can be settled by bank transfer,  or by credit/debit card. Our workflow software allows for invoices to be paid directly from the final invoice by way of a 3rd party provider or we can take card payments directly with a chip & pin device.
  • We do not charge VAT and cannot provide a VAT invoice, in this case we would advise the client to provide the materials and pay only for the cost of labour.