Professional Zappi charger installation

triple zappi

Zappi 2.1 Fully Installed


Zappi in Black or White Including Standard Installation all prices include VAT

  • 7kW Untethered  Black or White £1025
  • 7kW With 6.5m Tethered Lead  Black or White £1045 
  • 22kW Untethered  Black or White £1180
  • 22kW With 6.5m Tethered Lead  Black or White  £1220
  • Wifi Extender if required £25

Zappi: Key features

  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom.
  • WiFi internet connection for smart EV charging.
  • PEN Fault Protection ( does not require an earth spike. )
  • Perfect for Solar integration.
  • 3x charging modes: eco, eco+ and fast.
  • Load balancing to prevent electrical overcapacity.
  • 6.5m Tethered or untethered option.
  • Over the air software updates.
  • Available in 7kW or 22kW (3-phase)
  • Pin-code lock function
  • Three-year warranty
  • Dimensions: 439 x 282 x 122mm

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