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Meet the solution transforming home battery storage

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The GivEnergy All in One is a one of its kind home battery and inverter combined – unrivalled for power and price point.
With the All in One, you can power even the highest-demand households with maximum efficiency, minimum energy costs.

Battery Storage has 0% VAT until 2027

Installations Available from August 2024


Power your home for a fraction of the cost

By running your home on the All in One’s substantial battery power, you can save circa 85% on your energy bills. And, in the process, you can drastically cut your home’s carbon emissions

The All in One stores energy from renewables. Or, it can use the grid to charge overnight when energy costs are low. You can then use that stored energy to power your home cheaply, sustainably, and independently.

Keep the power on - 24/7/365

ISOLATED Giv Gateway Front

The All in One pairs with the Giv-Gateway to give your whole home backup power Protect your power supply and keep any third-party solar inverters on during outages
Switchover to backup power in just 20ms – blink and you miss it.

An energy titan

The All in One may come to you in a convenient size, but it packs a major energy punch. 13.5kWh capacity as standard - from a single battery
100% depth of discharge - making the substantial battery full usable
7.2kW peak power @10s (model / install dependent)

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Welcome to a world of clean energy

Reduce your energy bills

Installing a GivEnergy home battery is a game-changer for your energy bills. Charge the battery when energy is cheap, then use your stored energy during expensive hours.

Take back control

Our battery storage system gives you control. You’ve got energy stored up, which means you can manage it efficiently. So, you’re less reliant on your energy supplier
and their peak charges.

Build a sustainable future

Do your bit towards a net zero world. Smarter energy management is an environmentally responsible move that reduces your carbon footprint.

Track, analyse, and optimise

Our solutions don’t just store energy – they help you strategise. Our portal and app give you all the data you need to monitor your system and continue reducing
your spend.

Maximise self-consumption

Instead of sending excess energy from any renewable sources back to the grid – capture it and capitalise on it for your own use.

Achieve grid neutrality

Your system is configured for grid neutrality. So, it will import and export as little energy as possible through smart management of renewables.